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Compare between Resistance welding and Arc welding on any six points.

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Resistance Welding
Arc Welding
1 Type of welding
Plastic/Pressure/Non-fusion welding
Fusion/Non pressure welding
2 Principle of heat developed
Heat is developed due to I2R losses where R is the contact resistance 
Heat developed due to arc produced in between electrode and job
3 External filler material required
Not required during welding
Required during welding
4 External pressure required
Not required
5 Type of supply used
Both AC,DC supply is used. But generally Ac Supply is used.
Metal arc welding – Both AC,DC supply is used. But generally Ac Supply is used.and for Carbon arc welding –only DC supply are used
6 Voltage & current required Low voltage (2 to 20V AC) and high current (40 to 400A, in some cases 5 to 20KA ) supply is required
Metal Arc welding Voltage70 to 100V AC and Carbon arc welding voltage50 to 60V DC, Current- 50-600-800A
7 Energy consumption
Low (3 to 4 KWH/Kg of deposited material )
High (5 to 10 KWH/Kg of deposited material.)
8 Temperature obtained
Temperature obtained is not very high (up to 13500C)
Temperature obtained is very high (up to 35000C to 60000C)
9 Power factor
10 Type of electrode
Non-consumable electrodes are used.
Coated electrodes are used for metal arc welding and bare electrodes are used for carbon arc welding.(Electrodes may be consumable or non-consumable)
11 Application
It is suitable for mass production
It is suitable for heavy job, maintenance and repair work

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