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Why noise of motor is produced? How it can be reduced?

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Noise of motor is produced due to:- 1. Vibration 2. Bad foundation 3. Friction 4. Magnetic pulsation

Noise of motor can be reduced by – 1. Motor is mounted on cushion such as rubber pad instead of direct mounting on concrete foundation. 2. Motor can be mounted on spring so that it can absorb all the vibrating frequency. 3. By proper maintenance i.e. if bearings are worn out then replace it. 4. Lubrication must be done regularly. 5. Electrical connection to motor should be given through PVC flexible pipe instead of metal flexible pipe. 6. By connecting condenser of 0.1 to 0.25 microfarad across live and motor frame (earth) which will reduce magnetic pulsation. Also it will reduce radio interference

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