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Applications of Dielectric Heating

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1) In food processing industry, dielectric heating is used for Baking of cakes & biscuits in bakeries. 2) Cooking of food without removing outer shell (e.g.-boiled egg) and pasteurizing of milk. 3) For Rubber vulcanizing. 4) In Tobacco manufacturing industry for dehydration of tobacco. 5) In wood industry for manufacturing of ply wood. 6) In plastic Industry for making different containers. 7) In cotton industry for drying & heating cotton cloths for different processes. 8) In tailoring industry for producing threads. 9) For manufacturing process of raincoats & umbrellas. 10)In medical lines for sterilization of instruments & bandages. 11)For heating of bones & tissues of body required for certain treatment to reduce pains & diseases. 12)For removal of moisture from oil. 13)For quick drying gum used for book binding purpose. 14)In foundry for heating of sand, core, which are used in molding processes.

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