State the factors on which severity of electric shock depends. 
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The severity of shock depends on following factors. 

1. Magnitude voltage of the system. 

2. The period or duration for which the area of contact with lives part. 

3. It is also depends on supply system i.e. A.C or D.C. 

4. Frequency of supply 

5. Body resistance (If wet resistance of body reduces) 

6. General health of human contact with lives part. 

7. Path of current through body. 

8. The phase of the heart cycle when the shock occurs 

9. The presence of moisture in the environment. 

10. The magnitude of current passing through the body :- If magnitude of current is above 25 milli ampere it gives painful shock it may stop breathing/ there is loss of muscular control. 


The current strength
Effect on human system
1 A.C current of low frequency between 1m amp to 8 mA
Are just bearable does not cause any pains
2 8mA-15mA 
Give painful shock without loss of muscular control.
3 20mA-50mA 
If passes through chest, it may stop breathing 
4 50mA-100mA 
May result in ventricular cavity in body fibrillation. 
5 100mA-200mA 
May cause fibration of heart 
6 Above -200mA
Causes death, severe burns 

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