Explain DOL starter used for 3 phase induction motor.
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DOL Starter Used for 3 Phase Induction Motor:


The direct online starter consist of overload relay (OLC), contactor, start-push button S1 (normally open), stop-push button S2 (normally closed), magnetizing coil C, Remote stop button S3 (normally closed), main contacts M, hold on contact A as shown in above figure. For staring the motor, the start-push button is pressed. The contactor coil C gets connected across line voltage & ultimately it gets magnetized. It pulls the plunger towards left making contacts of M and A which provides power supply to induction motor and motor starts. For stopping the motor after work the stop-push / remote button is pressed which disconnects supply to coil C so it releases the plunger and cuts off the supply of motor and motor stops. The overload coil (OLC) protects the motor against overload and short circuit by opening the contact D.

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