Write two application of the following motor (i) AC servo motor (ii) Stepper motor
in AC machine by

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(i)Applications of AC Servo Motor: 1. Computers 2. Robotics and toys 3. CD/DVD players 4. Textile industries 5. Instrument servos 6. Tracking and guidance system 7. Self-balancing recorders 8. Remote positioning devices 9. Process controllers 10.Electromechanical actuators 11.Aircraft control system 12.Programming devices 

(ii)Applications of Stepper Motor: 1. Computer controlled systems 2. Numerical control of machine tools 3. Tape drives 4. Floppy disc drives 5. Computer printers 6. X-Y plotters 7. Robotics 8. Textile industries 9. Integrated circuit fabrication 10.Electric watches 11.CNC system 12.Milling machines 13.X-Ray table positing system 14.Cameras 15.Wall Clocks 16.Scanners 17.Respirators 18.Digital Dental Photograph 19.Laser cutters 20.Extruders 21.Engravers 22.Analytical and Medical instruments 23.Embroidery Machines 24.Packeging Machines


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