State the importance of mechatronics in various field of engineering
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Mechanical System: These system deal with behavior of matter under the action of forces. Mechanical system like hydraulic, pneumatic, rotational or translational, thermal, Fluid etc. are used in mechatronic applications. These systems are interfaced with computer through sensors, actuators and electronic systems. 

Electrical systems: Electrical components mostly used are electrical motors (ac and dc) generators, relays, circuit breakers, switches and so forth. 

Electronic systems: Analog electronics involves action and passive components such as resister, capacitor, inductor, diodes and transistors digital circuits contain logic, gates, counters, Flip-flops, memories, microcontroller and process. 

Instrumentation &control system: It includes transducer, signal conditioning, output device such as analog meters, display devices recorders and printers. 

Information system: It related with all the aspects regarding information transmission from signal processing to control system and analysis techniques. It is a combinational of communication systems, signal processing, control systems and numerical methods. 

Computer system: It is combinational of hardware and software. In mechatronic applications hardware is computer-specific circuit like flip-flops, counters registers, memories software is nothing but system & application


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