Explain in brief mechatronics. List its applications.
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Mechatronics: Mechatronics is the synergistic integration of mechanical engineering with electronics and intelligent computer control in designing, manufacturing processes and production. It helps to develop atomized, reliable and efficient manufacturing/production systems to produce high quality products. A typical mechatronics system consist of mechanical system, electrical system and computer /information technology 

Basic element of Mechatronics system are: Actuator, solenoids ,motors, switch, sensor, transducer, gear, drive and so on Electrical system/Electronics : Capacitor, semiconductor device, Amplifier, Filter, Digital and analog devices, accerometer Information Technology: Certain Software, System Engineering, Part programming, Artificial Intelligent , CAD,CAM

APPLICATION: In automatic washing machine and dishwashers. In CD players, VCRs, camcorders. In document scanners. In IC manufacturing system. In robotics used in welding, nuclear inspection and robot manipulators. In fax and photocopier machines. In laser printers. In flexible manufacturing system. In air conditioners, elevator controls. In automotive mechatronics (in automobiles for outdoor locking, collision avoidance and ignition and antiroll system 


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