Draw and explain Fuzzy logic controller. 
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Diagram :


Explanation: Fuzzification : It is the action of transforming a given state as crisp input into fuzzy values by evaluating membership function for purpose to be used by a fuzzy interference mechanism. Membership function forms a crucial part in fuzzy rule base model because actually they only define Fuzzification of control variable in other word. Fuzzification is the process of making a crisp quantity fuzzy. In the real world, hardware such as a digital voltmeter generates crisp data, but these data are subject to experimental error. Fuzzification based on rule base or by decision making with knowledge base Membership function is bell shaped or triangular or trapezoidal shape

2. Fuzzy Interference: Once membership function is found for each of variable an intelligent decision can be made to what output should be. This decision process is called interference this can be done knowledge base decision as well as rule base. This output then connected to Defuzzification block

3. Defuzzification: Converts the fuzzy output of the inference engine to crisp using membership functions analogous to the ones used by the fuzzifier. A Defuzzification strategy is aimed at producing a non- fuzzy control action that best represent the possibility of an inferred fuzzy control action


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