Explain basic architecture of Sparton-3 FPGA series.
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The Spartan-3E family architecture consists of five fundamental programmable functional elements: 

Configurable Logic Blocks (CLBs): Contain flexible Look-Up Tables (LUTs) that implement logic plus storage elements used as flip-flops or latches. CLBs perform a wide variety of logical functions as well as store data. 

Input/ Output Blocks (IOBs): Control the flow of data between the I/O pins and the internal logic of the device. Each IOB supports bidirectional data flow plus 3-state operation. Double Data-Rate (DDR) registers are included.

Block RAM : Provides data storage in the form of 18-Kbit dual-port blocks. 

Multiplier Blocks : Accept two 18-bit binary numbers as inputs and calculate the product. 

Digital Clock Manager (DCM): Blocks provide self-calibrating, fully digital solutions for distributing, delaying, multiplying, dividing, and phase-shifting clock signals. 


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