What are the criteria for selection of site for hydroelectric power plant?
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Following Factors to be kept while site selecting for Hydro power plant: 

1. It should be located where high rain fall occurs. 2. A large catchments area must be available to store water. 3. It should be located as far as possible in hilly area to reduce construction cost of dam and water reservoir. 4. Stored water should have a reasonable head (Potential Energy). 5. There should be easy access towards the site. 6. Land should have high bearing capacity to reduce the construction cost of dam and for better foundation of machinery. 7. Power plant should be located as far as possible near load center to reduce transmission line cost and losses in it. 8. During the construction of dam, it should be possible to divert the stream of river. 9. The Area should be free from earthquake and natural hazards. 10. It is necessary to see that water is of good quality (i.e.no chemical impurities) because polluted water may cause corrosion. 11. The catchment area should be such that there are less accumulation of slit and debris (Solid Impurities). 12. Cost of land should be less. 13. Skilled and unskilled man power should be available nearby.


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