Draw a neat diagram of 1Ф half wave controlled converter with RL load. Give its operation.
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Single phase fully controlled half wave converter:


The circuit diagram of single-phase half-wave controlled rectifier with RL load and without freewheeling diode is shown in Fig. (a). The SCR T is forward biased only during positive half cycle whereas reverse biased during negative half cycle. Therefore, it is triggered in positive half cycles only. When the gate pulse is applied in positive half cycle with delay angle of α as shown in waveform diagram (b), the SCR conducts and starts to carry the load current. Since the load is inductive (RL), the current lags behind the voltage. The load inductance maintains the load current and keeps SCR on even if the supply voltage is reversed. Thus every positive half cycle of load voltage is followed by some negative voltage till the current drops to zero. The negative voltage appearing across load reduces the average load voltage. Thus the use of freewheeling diode helps to increase the average load voltage. For some sensitive loads, the negative voltage is undesirable. In such cases freewheeling diode is used to prevent the negative voltage across the load.


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