What are the factors to be considered while selection of motors for different drives?
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Following Factors are considered while selecting electric drive (Motor) for particular application: 

 Factors to be considered for selection of Electrical Drives: 

1) Nature of Supply:- Whether supply available is AC, pure DC or rectified DC 2) Nature of Drive :-Whether motor is used to drive individual machines or group of M/c 3) Nature of Load: - Whether load required light or heavy starting torque or load having high inertia require high starting torque for long duration. 4) Electric Characteristics of drive: - Starting, Running, Speed control and braking characteristics of electric drive should be studied and it should be match with load. 5) Size and rating of motor: - Whether motor is continuously running, intermittently running or used for variable load cycle. 6) Mechanical Consideration: - Types of enclosure, Types of bearings, Transmission of power, Noise level, load equalization 7) Cost: - Capital, Running and maintenance cost should be less.  

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