Define measurement and state the significance of electrical measurement system.

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Measurement: Measurement is essentially a process in which magnitude of a quantity is determined in comparison with another similar quantity with significant units. OR The measurement of a given parameter or quantity is the act or result of a quantitative comparison between a predefined standard and an unknown quantity to be measured.

Significance of Electrical Measurement System: i) The complete area of automation / automatic control is based on measurement. ii) The new discoveries / inventions require sophisticated measurement techniques. iii) The measurement is required to monitor a process / operation. iv) It is required to measure all physical / electrical / mechanical quantities. v) The measurement is required in Research and development (R & D) department. vi) The measurement is widely required in various industries for quality production. vii) The measurement is widely required in various educational institutes for training purpose. viii) The measurement is required for trading and dealing purposes. ix) The measurement is required to set particular standards and tolerances. x) The measurement conforms the validity of hypothesis and also adds to its understanding.


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