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"Efficiency of thermal power station is low". — Justify. 

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Justification: Efficiency of thermal power station is low":-

Overall efficiency of T.P.P depends upon efficiency of boiler, turbine and alternator. The heat produced due to combustion of coal is not fully utilized for generation of electrical energy because there are total losses in thermal power plant is 71%, so efficiency of thermal power Station is Low


a) Boiler House losses: i) Flue gases -5 % ii) Moisture in gases-5% iii) To ash-1% iv) Radiation and leakage losse-2.5 % v) Unknown losses-2.5% Therefore total losses in boiler-16% 

b) Turbine losses: heat rejected to condenser i.e turbine losses is 54 % 

c) Electrical losses- 1 % Therefore total losses in thermal power plant is 71%, So efficiency of thermal power plant is less about 29% 

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