State elements of diesel electric power plant with their functions. 

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Elements of Diesel Power Plant with their function):  

1) Diesel Engine: - This is the main component of the P.P. which develops mechanical power. 2) Engine air intake system: - Air intake system is provided to supply air to engine cylinder for fuel combustion. 3) Engine fuel System: - It supplies fuel to engine cylinder for combustion purpose. 4) Engine exhaust system: - This system is provided to discharge the engine exhaust (Smoke) to the atmosphere. 5) Engine cooling System: - The water (Coolant) which is circulated in the engine for cooling purpose becomes heated which is cooled in Engine cooling System and is recirculated. 6) Engine Lubricating System: - It lubricates the rotating and moving parts of engine to reduce wear and tear. The life of engine & its efficiency largely depends on lubricating system. 7) Engine starting system: - This system is provided to rotate the engine initially until the firing starts and engine run under its own power. 8) Flywheel: - It stores kinetic energy when there is light load or no load and to supply kinetic energy when load increases. 9) Governor: - It supplies fuel as per requirement. 10) Alternator: - Its function is to convert mechanical power into electrical power.


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