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State the function of biological shielding in case of Nuclear Reactor and give material used for it.

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Function of biological shielding in Nuclear Reactor: 

Shielding is provided to absorb alpha, beta particles and gama rays which are produced during nuclear chain reaction (fission process) The function of shielding is to protect environment, humans and animals from the harmful radioactive radiation (pollution) before they are emitted to atmosphere. 

  Material used for Shielding is made from:- 

1. Thick layer of Paper are provided to stop the alpha particles 2. Thick layer of metal or Aluminum are provided to stop the beta particles 3. Thick layer of lead or concrete wall are provided all around the reactor vessel(3- m thick concrete shield) for stopping gama rays 4. Thick layer of Water or concrete wall are provided all around the reactor vessel for stopping neutrons. 

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