What are the basic requirements of locating wind power plant ?

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The basic requirements of locating wind power plant: 

1) The site should be selected where winds are strong i.e. where pressure of wind is high and there is continuity. 2) Wind pressure is high in hilly area so wind turbines are located in hilly area. 3) It is better to choose a site near the seashore, ON shore (coastal area) 4) Winds turbines are also installed OFF shore 5) Plant must be installed on tall towers (45m to 149 m) because velocity of wind is more at high level. 6) Site should be convenient for transportation facility. 7) The cost of land should be low. 8) A good location for a wind turbine is on high ground facing between west and south - west. 9) There should be no tall obstacles within 50m of the turbine which can affect the system's overall performance. 10)Possibility to connect to power grid. 


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