Compare the Nuclear power station with Hydro power station. 

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SR. No. 
Nuclear Power plant 
Hydro Power station 
Site/ Location
Where there is ample supply of water is available, away from thickly populated areas to avoid radioactive pollution. 
Such power plant located at a place where rain fall is more and there is natural head available. 
2 Space Required/ Requirement 
Required least space compare to TPP & HPP of same capacity
More space is required due to large water reservoir(Back water)  
3 Auxiliaries equipment requirements 
Auxiliary’s equipment requirements more than hydro power plants.
Auxiliary’s equipment requirements are less. 
4 Initial /capital cost
Highest due to complex Nuclear reactor. 
High due to construction of dam.  
5 Running/opera ting cost 
High running cost. 
Running cost is lowest.
6 Maintenance cost 
Highest cost 
High cost 
7 Cost of Fuel 
Freely available. 
8 Fuel Transportation cost  
More fuel transportation cost.
No fuel transportation cost. 
9 Overall Generating cost
10 Air Pollution 
Less as compare to TPP but produces nuclear waste, which is currently a problem
No air pollution. 
11 Simplicity & cleanliness 
Complicated & Clean
Simple & clean 
12 Reliability
13 Stand by losses 
stand by losses are their 
No stand by losses 
14 Overall Efficiency
Moderate (50 to 55 %). 
Highest (96%) 
15 Limit of source of power 
Unlimited, since large deposits of fissionable materials over the world are available.  
Unlimited & inexhaustible
16 Erecting period
5 to 7 Years
7 to 10 Years 
17 Field Application
As base load 
Used as base load during as well as peak load 

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