Compare characteristics of asynchronous and synchronous transmission mode (four points). 

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Synchronous transmission
Asynchronous transmission
1. Synchronous transmission are synchronized by an external clock.
1. Asynchronous transmission are synchronized by special signals along the transmission media.
2.In synchronous transmission data flows in a full duplex mode in the form of blocks or frames.
2. In asynchronous transmission data flows in a half duplex mode, 1byte or a character at a time.
3. In synchronous transmission ,data transmission speed is fast.
3. In asynchronous transmission, data transmission speed is slow.
4. Synchronous transmission is cost expensive.
4. Asynchronous transmission is economical.
5. Synchronous transmission is used for transferring the bulk of data as it is efficient.
5. Asynchronous transmission is used for transferring a small amount of data as it is simple and economical.

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