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Write the application of the following antennas: 1) Rectangular antenna 2) Dish antenna 3) Horn antenna 4) Loop antenna 5) Yagi-Uda antenna. 

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1.Rectangular antenna 

i)Used in Mobile and satellite communication ii)Used in Global Positioning System iii) Used for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) iv) Radar 

Dish Antenna 

i)Used in microwave relay links that carry telephone and television signals between nearby cities ii) Used in wireless WAN/LAN links for data communications, satellite communications and spacecraft communication antennas. iii) Used in radio telescopes.

Horn Antenna 

i) Used at microwave frequency. ii) Used in satellite tracking. 

Loop Antenna 

1. For direction finding 2. In portable receivers 3. In navigation 

Yagi-Uda antenna 

1. Yagi-Uda antenna is used in HF and VHF range as a TV receiving antenna. 2. Yagi-Uda antenna is used in conditional Access System (CAS) at the decryptor.

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