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Define the following terms : (i) Base Station (ii) Control Channel (iii) Mobile Station (iv) Page 

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i) Base Station: – A fixed station in a mobile radio system used for radio communication with mobile stations. Base stations are located at the center or on the edge of a coverage region and consist of radio channels and transmitter and receiver antennas mounted on a tower. 

ii) Control Channel: Control channel: It is defined as the radio channel used for the transmission of beacons such as call set up, call request, call initiation as well as the control information. 

iii) Mobile Station: Mobile station: It is defined as a station in the cellular radio service which is used when in motion at an unspecified location. Mobile stations can be portable hand held personal units or they can be the ones installed in vehicles. 

iv) Page: A message is sent to a paging subscriber via the paging system access number with a telephone keypad or modem. The issued message is called a „Page‟. The paging system then transmits the page throughout the service area using base stations which broadcast the page on a radio carrier.
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