State advantages and disadvantages of fiber optic communication
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Advantage of fiber optic communication: 1.Greater information capacity/ higher bandwidth OFC’s are capable of transmitting several gigabits per second over hundreds of miles allowing millions of individual voice and data channel over optical fibers cables. 2.Immunity to crosstalk: glass and fiber are non-conductor of electricity 3.Optical fibers have less attenuation of signal strength then copper wire and coaxial cables 4.Security:- fiber have high level of information security to extreme environmental condition 5.Immune to electromagnetic interference 6.Safety.

Disadvantage of fiber optic communication: 1.Its small size and brittleness make its difficult to work with. 2.Special expensive tools and techniques required. 3.High cost 4. With fragile material and poor mechanical strength 5.The bending radium of optic fiber cable can not be too short(>20cm). 6.Separation and coupling are not flexible 7.Requiring more protection around the fiber cable compared with copper cable

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