Explain the scope of Mechatronics in Industry. Give any four examples. 

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There is no limit for scope of Mechatronics in industry. Due to mechatronics speed, quality, flexibility, sophistication and quantity of product has improved drastically.  Marketing of product has also become simple. It has increased accuracy in design for example production of machine tool through CNC machines more accurate and precise than conventional lathe.  Similarly quality and hygiene of food product due automation and robotics in packing industry has improved.  Due to embedded system domestic machinery has become simple and user friendly. Automobile industry has become more sophisticated as well as user friendly.  Due to application prompt sensors accident of automotive vehicles are less. The use of automation in Hospital diagnosis of diseases has become simple not only that but doing the telehealth care is also possible for patient. 

Examples :-  MRI.,  CT-SCAN,  Endoscopy  Robotics  Unmanned Air vehicle. 

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