Differentiate between pneumatic and hydraulic system. 
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Pneumatic System
Hydraulic System
1 Pneumatic system uses gas for power transmission, after compression and it is used as medium for carrying out mechanical work.
In hydraulic systems, a liquid-based solution such as oil is used under pressure to carry out work.
2 The components of these systems are compressor, air receiver, directional control valve, and pneumatic cylinder.
The components of these systems are pump, pressure regulation/relief valve, control valve, filter and hydraulic cylinder.
3 The excess air is vent out to atmosphere.
The excess fluid is return back to the tank.
4 Motor driven compressor is used to pull air from atmosphere.
Pump and motor combination is used to pull liquid from tank or reservoir. 
5 External lubricator is required during mechanical motion of cylinder.
External lubricator is not require as oil acts as a lubricator. 
6 The system is more costly 
The system is less costly.
7 Applications: In industrial applications, air conditioners
Applications: In petrochemical industries, oil refineries.
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