What is ‘MEMS’? Explain with neat block diagram.
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Definition of MEMS: MEMs are Mechatronics systems that consist of mechanical elements and electronic circuits. A micro electromechanical system is an integration of mechanical elements, sensors, actuators and electronics on a common silicon substrate through micro fabrication technology.

Block Diagram:

Fig. Block diagram of MFMS


Input signals: These are the signals admitted to the MEMS package from various sources or systems such as electrical, mechanical, chemical optical and so on. 

MEMS package: It is a semiconductor chip which can be fabricated by suitable micromachining technique. It consists of micro sensor, micro actuators and a signal transduction unit. 

Signal transduction unit: This unit is provided for conditioning the generated signals. The transduction processes includes amplification, filtration and signal conversion. 

Output signals: These are the signals interfaced with the system to be controlled or monitored. 

Due to monolithic integration of sensors, actuators and signal transduction unit, closed loop control system can be easily developed.

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