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Explain how MEMS accelerometer is used as airbag sensor for car system.

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MEMS Accelerometer is used as airbag sensor:


Mechanical ignition airbags fit inside the steering wheel pad. When a collision occurs, the inertial sensor moves, setting off a mechanical igniter and inflator to deploy the airbag. As the sensor and igniter were in the same unit, the compact airbag unit easily fit most steering wheels, allowing broad application of the airbag unit. 

With electrical ignition airbags, a computer monitors signals from the impact sensor. When it detects a collision, the computer sets off the airbag's igniter electrically. Therefore, the sensor need not be close to the airbag, but can be placed anywhere on the vehicle and connected to the airbag with wiring. This is especially effective when fitting both driver- and passenger-side airbags.

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