Draw block diagram for CNC drilling machine and explain its working.

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Block diagram consist of the following points: 

Machine tool with DC servo motor as feedback element. The transducer is added as adaptive control application. 

The auxiliary controller through which the computer can control the machine drives. It is made up of Time Base Generator (TBG) and Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). 

The computer for storing the data and performing the NC and AC (Adaptive control) programs. Interrupt system takes care of simultaneous running of both programs. 

Tape reader for reading the two programs and NC data tapes. 

The TBG includes the main clock having pulse frequency of 2.5 MHz it is used for three functions direct feeding of the control loops, generating interrupt pulses and generating reference signal for stator and revolvers. 

The controller is connected to the computer with three different lines namely: 

Interrupt input line. 

Digital output line. 

Digital input line. 

The interrupt pulses are generated by TBG and supplied to computer through inter


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