State advantages of electric heating over other types of heating methods.
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Advantages of Electric Heating: 1. Clean operation: no formation of ash or smoke, hence operation is clean. 2. No pollution: no production of flue gases, smoke, ash, dust etc. hence no pollution. 3. Temperature control is easy: no. of heating elements can be turned on and off manually or automatically, hence temperature control is easy. 4. Uniform heating: 5. Less attention: It requires less attention as compared to other heating methods. 6. Economical: It does not require large space and storage accessories, therefore capital and running cost of electrical heating is less. 7. High utilization efficiency: The losses are less, hence utilization efficiency is high. 8. High temperature: Very high temperature can be attained. 9. Quick heating: Time required for electric heating is comparatively less. 10. Large scale production: It is used for large scale production. 11. Bad conductor of heat and electricity can be heated like plastic.


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