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State advantages of electric heating over other types of heating methods.

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Advantages of Electric Heating: 1. Clean operation: no formation of ash or smoke, hence operation is clean. 2. No pollution: no production of flue gases, smoke, ash, dust etc. hence no pollution. 3. Temperature control is easy: no. of heating elements can be turned on and off manually or automatically, hence temperature control is easy. 4. Uniform heating: 5. Less attention: It requires less attention as compared to other heating methods. 6. Economical: It does not require large space and storage accessories, therefore capital and running cost of electrical heating is less. 7. High utilization efficiency: The losses are less, hence utilization efficiency is high. 8. High temperature: Very high temperature can be attained. 9. Quick heating: Time required for electric heating is comparatively less. 10. Large scale production: It is used for large scale production. 11. Bad conductor of heat and electricity can be heated like plastic.

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Advantages of Electric heating over the other types of heating methods:

1. It can be put into service immediately.

2. No standby losses.

3. High efficiency.

4. More economical than other conventional types of heating system.

5. Easy to operate and control.

6. No air pollution.

7. System is clean, as there is no waste produced.

8. No fuel transportation cost.

9. No space is required for storage of fuel and waste.

10. Noiseless operation.

11. Uniform heating is possible, heating at particular point is also possible (spot welding)

12. Dielectric material can be heated.

13. Electrical heating equipments are generally automatic, so it requires low attention and supervision.

14. Protection against overheating can be provided by suitable switch gear. 

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