applications of : (1) Function generator   (2) Video pattern generator (3) AF signal generator and (4) Pulse generator. 
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1) Function generator: i) As trouble shooting tool to different analog and digital circuits. ii) As a source of alignment of different receiver. iii) If rise time of square wave is significantly low, such square wave is used to test the amplifier frequency response (square wave testing). iv) Well synchronized arbitrary waveform like burst, sweep, cardiac, saw tooth, AM, FM, FSK, noise etc .

2) Video pattern generator: i) A pattern generator is a device which can generate video signals that can be fed to a TV or video monitor. The pattern consist of geometrical figures such as circles, ellipses, horizontal/ vertical lines and bars, checker board, dots etc.

3) AF signal generator: i) It can be used for testing of radio transmitters and radio receivers. ii) It can be used as a power source for the measurement of gain and amplitude. 

4) Pulse generator: i) The pulse generator is used as a measuring device in combination with the oscilloscope. ii) To synchronize with external circuits trigger output, pulses are available. iii) The generator can be operated as free running generator.


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