desirable properties of Cable
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Following are the main properties of cables: 

1. Stranded Conductor: The conductor used for cable should be stranded specially for large size of cable because, 

  • To increase the flexibility of cable 
  • For easy handling of cable 
  • For easy storage cable. 

2. Annealed Conductor: Annealed conductor should be used to become conductor soft. 

3. Tinned conductor:- Tinned conductor should be used so that conductor will not stick with insulation.

4. Cross Section Of Conductor: Cross Section Of Conductor should be proportional to magnitude of current. 

5. Insulation Thickness: The insulation thickness provided to cable should be proportional to magnitude of voltage. To give high degree of safety and reliability. Thickness of insulation α Magnitude of voltage 

6. Mechanical Protection: Especially underground cable should be provided with mechanical protection (armouring). So that it will withstand against rough handling and mechanical injury. 

7. Life: The material used for cable should have long life. 


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