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the classification of cables. (i) According with voltage levels. (ii) According to numbers of core.  

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1. Classification of cables with their voltage levels:

1. Low voltage (tension) cable/LT cable: for operating voltage 1.1 KV.

2. High voltage (tension) cable/HT cable: for operating voltage 11 KV.

3. Super tension cable/ST cable: for operating voltage 22 KV to 33 KV.

4. Extra-Super tension cable: for operating voltage 33 KV to 66 KV.

5. Extra-high tension cable (EHT): for operating voltage up to 132 KV

6. Extra-super voltage power cables: for operating voltage beyond 132 KV

2. Classification of cables According to numbers of cores:

1. Single Core cable

2. Two core cable

3. Three core cable.

4. Three & half core cable.

5. Four core cable

6. Six core cable

7. Multi core cable

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