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requirements or properties of the line supports used in transmission and distribution.  

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Following are requirements or properties of the line supports used in transmission and distribution.

1. High mechanical strength:-

 It should have high mechanical strength to withstand against -

  • Wind pressure
  • Load of fabrication
  • Weight of Insulator
  • Weight of conductor etc.

2. Light in weight:-

 It should be light in weight to reduce-

  • Transportation cost
  • Handling, loading, unloading cost and
  • Erection cost.

3. Effect of atmospheric conditions: It should be withstand even at bad atmospheric condition.

4. High resistance to corrosion: It should have high resistance to corrosion to avoid rusting.

5. Initial & Maintenance cost: It should be less.

6. Easy access: It should be easily accessible for wireman for line work and maintenance work. or They must be easily accessible for point and erection of line conductors

7. Life: It should have longer life.

8. Appearance: It should have good appearance or They must be of pleasing shape

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