vertical and horizontal resolution in brief.
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Resolution: The scanning and reproduction of the finest details of the picture is known as resolution of TV system.

Vertical Resolution:

The ability of the scanning system to resolve picture details in vertical direction is known as vertical resolution:

1. Vertical resolution is a function of scanning lines into which the picture is divided in the vertical plane.

2. The maximum number of dark and white elements which can be resolved by the human eye in the vertical direction in a screen of height H decided by the number of horizontal lines into which picture is split while scanning.

3. Thus ,vertical resolution can be expressed as, Vr = Na*K

Vr = Vertical resolution

Na = Active number of lines K- kell factor or resolution factor

Horizontal Resolution:

The ability of the scanning system to resolve the picture details in the horizontal direction is known as horizontal resolution.

1. While aiming at equal vertical and horizontal resolutions and assuming the same Kell factors the effective number of alternate black and white segments (N) that get scanned in one horizontal line are 

N = Na * Aspect Ratio *K
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