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What is Cathode ray tube ?

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Cathode Ray tube is a Vacuum tube found in an oscilloscope that contains x and y plates amongst other components used to direct the electrons produced by the electron gun creating a waveform or a line on the screen.
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CRT or Cathode ray tube consists of cathode, control grid, accelerating anode, focusing electrode, horizontal deflection plates, vertical deflection plates and phosphor coated screen. Cathode and control grid produce a beam of electrons. Accelerating anode accelerate the electron beam. Horizontal deflection plates move the electron beam in horizontal direction. Vertical deflection plates move the electron beam in vertical direction.
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Cathode ray tube (CRT) is a vacuum tube using cathode rays to generate a picture on a fluorescent screen. These cathode rays are in fact the electron beam deflected and modulated, which impinges on a phosphor screen to generate a picture according to a repetitive pattern refreshed at a frequency usually between 25 and 72 Hz. (CRT) Vacuum tube used to display data in a visual form. Picture tube of a television or computer terminal.
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