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what is open loop and close loop control system?

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2 Answers

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Open loop control system  is doesn't have feedback control  I. e input is given to output.
Closed loop control system  is having  feedback control  I. e., input is given to output  and output is regains to input to check an error while getting an accuracy.
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A) In open loop system the input is independent         of output but output is depends on input.

A-1. no feedback path in open loop s/m

   -2. less accuracy than close loop s/m.

Ex. Washing machine, Electric heater, fan etc

B) similarly for close loop system the output is dependent on input and also input is dependent on output value,

B-1  feedback path is provided in C.L system.

   -2. high bandwidth.

   -3. high accuracy.

Ex. Air conditioner ( AC ), rocket launcher, radar          system, etc

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