List any two features of PCI-Xpress. Give two differences between PCI-X & PCI-Xpress. 
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Features: 1. High performance 2. I/O Simplification, It utilizes individual buses for each of the devices connected to it instead of a shared one like what PCI uses. 3. PCI-Xpress uses a serial interface instead of the old parallel interface used by PCI. 4. Layered Architecture, PCI-Xpress speed is classified into lanes, each capable of delivering up to 1GB/s data transfer. Thus it can send or receive up to 16GB/s. 5. Isochronous data transfers: The image and audio data is transferred at a constant rate ie through synchronous link. 6. Ease of use. 


PCI-X uses a parallel interconnect along a bus that is shared with other PCI-X devices
PCI-Express, on the other hand, uses a serial interconnect along a switched bus dedicated exclusively to that slot.
The bus is 64-bits wide, and runs at higher frequencies (now up to 533MHz, compared to 66MHz).The maximum transfer rate is up to 34Gbps (4GB/s).
It runs at 2.5 GHz , the data rate stream is encoded using the 8-bit /10bit scheme. The maximum transfer rate is 16GB/s in two directions.
It does not have lane structure so bandwith is less as compared to PCIXpress.
PCI-Express has the unique capability of multiplying up individual data "lanes", to produce aggregate interconnects that can deliver up to 16 times the bandwidth of a single lane.
It is backward compatible.
It is not backward compatible
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