List classification of network on basis of geographical area. State the benefits of networks.
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Computer Networks are classified based on the geographical area into

* Local Area Network

* Metropolitan Area Network

* Wide Area Network

* Campus Area Network (CAN)

* Personal Area Network (PAN)

Benefits of network:

* Resource Sharing

* Reducing cost

* Application services

* High Reliability

* Improved security

* Centralized management.

* E-mail

* Flexible access.


* Sharing information: Networks allow users to share information in several different ways.

The most common way of sharing information is to share individual files.

* Communication : Networks allow users to communicate with each other in various ways.

For example, messaging applications let network users exchange messages with each other using an e-mail, messaging, conferencing etc.

* Sharing resources: Certain computer resources, such as printers or hard drives, can be set up so that network users can share them. Sharing these resources can result in significant cost savings. Resource can be network connections (internet) also, where a single connection can be shared among various computers.

* Sharing applications: One of the most common reasons for networking is that several users can work together on a single application. A single application can be shared and hence the cost of installation, maintenance reduces and also makes it easier to manage these applications.
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