List fours characteristics of display and define them.
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Characteristics of display:

1. Dot pitch: It is the distance between each group (t6riad) of red, blue and green phosphors. A smaller dot pitch helps produce sharper and clearer image

2. Resolution: Resolution describes the number of potential pixels the monitor is capable of displaying. Resolution = Total Horizontal Pixels x Total vertical pixels

3. Video bandwidth:

* It is the highest input frequency a monitor can handle and helps in determining the resolution capabilities of the monitor .

* The video bandwidth is measured in MHz.

* Higher the video bandwidth , better the image quality.

* Video Bandwidth = Hor. Pixel X Ver. Pixel X Frame rate

4. Horizontal scanning: Scanning of the electron beam on the screen of the monitor is called raster scanning. The tracing of the horizontal lines in synchronism with H – Sync pulse is called Horizontal Scanning

5. Barrel distortion Barrel distortion is opposite of pin cushioning. The vertical sides of the sides of the display area curve outwards with convex edge.

6. Pixels A pixel is made of a triad. Pixels are arranged in an array of rows. Each row forms a scan line. Pixel resolution is the combination pixels in each row and number of rows for a given screen.

7. Triad A triad consist of set of red, green and blue phosphors arranged in a triangle. The red gun excites red phosphor, the green gun excites blue phosphor, the blue gun excites blue phosphor. This triad produces a single color which is a combination of three excited phosphors.

8. Refresh Rate: rate at which electronics in the monitor address the brightness of each pixel on the screen.

9. Response time: Time taken by throughput of a pixel to fully react to a change in its brightness. 
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