Write preventive maintenance procedure of (i) Keyboard (ii) Hard disk
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Preventive maintenance procedure of Keyboard:

* Handle the keyboard gently and carefully.

* Press the keys gently without applying force and do not rest hands on the keyboards.

* Do not spill liquid on the keyboard.

* Do not play with the keyboard after powering off the system.

* Make sure that the keyboard cable is not subjected to high stress at the keyboard end. This will lead to break in signal wire inside keyboard cable.

* Periodically clean interior the keyboard with a miniature vacuum cleaner or turn it upside down to blow out the accumulated dirt.

* For cleaning conducting parts of keyboard, use denatured alcohol along with lint free material.

* Use special dust protection cover for covering the keyboard when not in use.

Preventive maintenance of Hard Disk

* Take periodic backup of data and critical areas such as boot sectors, FAT and directory structure on the disk.

* Defragment the disk to maintain the disk efficiency and speed.

* Delete all the temporary files, temporary internet files etc.

* Take backup and format the HDD at least once a year and reinstall all the software to maintain disk efficiency and speed.
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