List any two problems of PC with its troubleshooting. 
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1. Problem: System is dead 


a. Check for proper 230V ac supply using multimeter.

b. Check if the power supply cable fits properly or not. Change if necessary.

c. Check for the proper outputs (plus/minus) 5V, (plus/minus) 12V, PGS, GND from the SMPS.

d. Repair/ Replace SMPS if necessary.

2. Problem: Complete non operation of the keyboard. “KEYBOARD FAILURE‟ message is displayed when booting.


a. Check if the keyboard is connected properly.

b. Check if the keyboard works in any other position. In that case the cable may be broken at some place.

c. Repair/ Replace the keyboard.

3. Problem: Printer does not work.


a. Check whether printer gets proper AC input.

b. Check for proper fuses and replace if necessary.

c. Check for ONLINE selection.

d. Check for proper cable connections.

4. Problem: System won’t boot up.


a. Check if the HDD is connected properly, all cables are secured and fitted and HDD settings are proper to make it a master device.

b. Check if the HDD is detected in the CMOS setup.

c. Check whether BIOS is able to find the HDD at booting time. If not the HDD MBR may be missing or bad.

d. Check if the correct partition is set active for booting. If not select the correct partition 
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