Explain the process of electroplating of an iron spoon with silver. 
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1. Electroplating of silver on iron – spoon is carried out in a rectangular steel tank. 2. Iron spoon, which is to be electroplated, is cleaned by boiling with caustic soda in order to remove the grease & dirt. 3. Further it is washed with water & carefully polished. 4. The iron spoon is then made as cathode & the anode consists of pure silver metal plate. 5. The anode & cathode both are suspended in the electrolyte potassium argento-cyanide K[Ag(CN)2] in the cell. 6. On passing the direct electric current, at the applied voltage, the iron spoon gets plated with a silver. Silver anode gets slowly dissolve in solution by giving Ag+ ions. 

The schematic representation is : 

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