Give four properties and its related applications of rubber  
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Properties of rubber
Related application 
1. Elasticity 
For preparation of rubber bands, balloons, tubes for all vehicles 
2 .High abrasion resistance
For preparation of tyres of all vehicles, shoe sols & shoe heels, conveyer belts, floor tiles ,rubber mats  
3. Shock absorbing
For preparation of sports goods, toys, helmets, goggles, for mounting heavy machines, to reduce noise & vibrations
4. Excellent Electrical insulator
For insulation of electrical wires and cables , For hand gloves of electrician
5 .High Chemical resistance 
Rubber lined tanks are used for storing corrosive chemicals rubber hoses are used for transmission of corrosive chemicals ,rubber gaskets & seals are used for sealing. 
6 .Hardness 
Rubber gaskets are used for sealing pressure cookers, refrigerators ,ovens, cabinet doors, autoclaves etc. 
7 .Excellent thermal & sound insulator
Sponge insulator in auditoriums, theaters, in different filters
8. Airproof 
For preparation of balloons, tubes, air pillows, cushions, mattresses. 
9 .Waterproof
For preparation of rain coats. 
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