How is thermacole prepared? Write two uses and two properties of thermacole
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Preparation :-

Thermacole is prepared by blowing air through molten poly styrene or poly urethrane plastics

Properties :- 

1) It is light in weight

2) It is spongy, porous & has foam like structure.

3) It has low thermal & electrical conductivity.

4) It is resistant to chemicals & ageing

5) It is quite strong, has low density.

6) It is waterproof.

7) It absorbs shocks and vibrations.

8) It is stable up to 55o C

Applications : 

1) It is used for decorative purposes.

2) It is used as ideal packing material for packing glassware, delicate electronic & electrical equipments.

3) It is used as thermal insulator in refrigerators & air conditioners.

4) It is widely used for preparation of various scientific models.

5) It is used for protecting screens in radars.

6) It is used for storing ice, ice creams & medicines.

7) It is used as a float for swimming. 

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