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What is the formula for resistivity?
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R×a)÷l is the best answer

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Resistivity is represented by ρ (rho). The unit of resistivity is Ohm-meter (Ω⋅m) .

Resistivity (ρ ) = R.A/l

where, R is the electrical resistance

A is the area of cross section

l is the length.

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resisitivity is represented by ,mho not
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Resitivity is the property of a material. It is given in ρ .

R=ρ L/A is the formula.
where , Resitance is directly proportional to Length & Inversely proportional to Area of cross-section of the given material.
The resistivity is also known as the specific resistance of the material.
It is the resistance of a material per unit length and per unit cross-section of that material.
It is the resistance offered by a conductor to the flow of current is called specific resistance or resistivity.

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