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explain how a stepper motor is controlled using driver. give relevant hardware and software details.

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A stepper motor is an electric motor that rotates fix number of degrees whenever we apply a step signal.

the stepper motor can rotate 1.8-degree full step or 0.9 half step per step, then to move 360 degrees the number of steps required is 200 degree that is 1.8 x 200 steps = 360 degree.

Internally are stepper motor typically has 4 coils. To rotate the motor one step, we pass current through one or two of the coils.Thus rotating the motor 360 degrees requires current to the coils in a specified sequence.

Applying the sequence is a Reverse causes reverse rotation.

the stepper motor can be controlled in two ways:

1. using stepper motor driver

2. controlling a stepper motor directly

Application of stepper motor:

  1. disk drivers
  2. printers
  3. photocopy
  4. fax machine
  5. robots
  6. camcorder

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