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Explain memory write ability and storage permanence with suitable diagram.

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1 Answer

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Write ability and storage permanence of memories:

Write ability is the manner and speed at which memory can be written.

Storage permanence is the ability of memory to hold stored bits after they are written.


Write ability:

Ranges of write ability:

High end

The processor writes to memory simply and quickly. E.g. RAM

Middle range

The processor writes to memory, but slower. E.g. Flash, EEPROM (Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read Only Memory)

Lower range

Special equipment,"programmer" must be used to write memory. E.g. EPROM, OTP ROM (One Time Programmable Read Only Memory)

Low end

Bits stored only during fabrication. E.g. Mask-programmed ROM

In system programmable memory

Can be written to by a processor in the embedded system using the memory.

Memories in high end and middle range of write ability.

Storage permanence:

It is the ability to hold the stored bits.

The range of storage permanence

High end

Essentially never losses bits. E.g. mask-programmed ROM

Middle range

Hold bits days, months, or years after memory's power source turned off. E.g. NVRAM

Lower range

Holds bits as long as power supplied to memory. E.g. SRAM

Low end

Begins to lose bits almost immediately after written. E.g. DRAM

Nonvolatile memory

Holds bits after power is no longer supplied.

High end and middle range of storage permanence.

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