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Commutator is used in 

(a) DC generator (b) AC generator (c) invertors (d) convertors

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11 Answers

answered by Nisha
DC generator
answered by anonymous
answered by Suriya
(a)Dc generator
answered by Yaseen
answered by Meera

D C Generator

answered by Vishnu
Dc genarator
answered by Shaik shakeer
Commutator is using at generators it converts A.C. to DC or DC to A.C.
answered by George
DC Generator. Commutator is the point of contact between the winding and the brush of generator. It switches the field of rotor in opposite direction to convert sinusoidal AC to pulsating DC which is than rectified using filters to get proper DC output
answered by Prabhat Kr. Sinha
Dc generator coz it is used to convert unidirectional dc into ac by changing direction of the current every half cycle
answered by anonymous
B)ac generators
answered by
Used in DC generators.

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